APRU’s new collaboration program to tackle challenges for sustainable waste management

  • Korea University and APRU have launched a new program for the development of sustainable waste management strategies, paving the way for new state-of-the-art treatment technologies and advanced management strategies pertaining to recycling and recovery of organic waste.

    Sustainable waste management has become one of the most pressing issues of our time, as the conventional practices are imposing increasingly critical burdens on the environment, such as the degradation of precious land resources and the acceleration of global warming.

    In appropriate handling of agricultural waste, such as manure and fertilizer run-off from fields, not only causes environmental issues but also constitutes a loss of valuable nutrients and energy contained in it, while daunting challenges are also posed by the sharply increasing amounts of industrial sewage and sludge.

    Among the many promising approaches to address such issues are a turn to the “more from less” paradigm, globally efficient food production (GEFP), and the perfection of Biochar and compost production and application.

    The Sustainable Waste Management program is led by Professor Yong Sik Ok, Director of the Korea Biochar Research Center based in the Division of Environmental Science and Ecological Engineering at Korea University and will be supported by two co-chairs, William Mitch, Full Professor at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Stanford University, and David Wardle, Smithsonian Professor of Forest Ecology at the Asian School of the Environment, Nanyang Technology University in Singapore.


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